Troubleshooting Help

I can not see my course content

As of April 2013 a new 'Verify Credentials' section has been added and must be completed in full to view any course content. This applies to those who have previously enrolled, taken courses in the past, as well as staff or faculty of WCCMT or CCMH.

If you have enrolled to a course and the course content is hidden. There are three reasons why this may occur:

  1. Your Verify Credential upload is incomplete:
    Review your 'Verify Credentials' section to ensure it is completed.
    On the right choose: [Navigation > Courses > Teacher Training for Healthcare > Enrollment Credentials]

  2. Your Profile Page is incomplete:
    Review your 'Profile Page' section to ensure it is completed in full.
    On the right choose: [Setting > My profile settings > Edit profile]

  3. You are not Enrolled to the course:
    To double check course enrollment. Check the Navigation-block on the right, by expanding the 'My Courses' link.
    If your course is listed, you are enrolled to that course.
    If you course is not listed, you need to enroll to the course.
    On the top Navigation menu choose 'Courses' > Click the title of the course you would like to enroll into. Use your supplied enrollment key to enter the course.