Viewing Grades

Navigating to the Grades Pages

You can access your Grade reports from within any course by following the grades link in the course administration block, then selecting "Overview report" from the "Choose an action" dropdown menu at the top left of the page

  1. Navigate to the course you would like to see your grade for.

  2. In the Settings-block on the right of your screen, click on the arrow next to 'Course administration'. This will expand the list of link.

  3. Click on 'Grades' to launch the grades screen.

Toggle between Grade Reports

There are 2 types of Grade reports you can view; User Report and Overview Report. To toggle the display between these 2 reports use the drop-down-menu located at the top-left

User Report displays the following information.

  1. A breakdown of the grades for each assessment (grade item) in the course.

  2. The optional teacher-given feedback for each grade.

  3. The overall grade for the course (called course total). This total is the same as that shown on the overview report.

Overview Report displays the following information.

  1. Lists all the courses you are enrolled in together with the total grade for each course.