Login & Logout

Logging into the site

There are two places you can login to site:

  1. Login Block: the Login-block is only displayed on the right of the home page. Add your username, password then click 'Login'.

  2. Top-right 'Login' Link: the Login link is available at the top of the screen on allp ages. Clicking the 'Login' link will take you to the Login form. Add your username, password then click 'Login'.

After logging in you are taken to the site home page - from here, use any of the navigation methods to move around the site. see Navigation for more information.

If you don't have a username and password see 'Create a New Account'.

If you cannot login to Moodle please see Troubleshooting Help > I can't Login

Logging out of the site

  1. Top-right 'Logout' Link: clicking the 'Logout' link at the top right of the screen will log you out of the system.

**IMPORTANT: To protect your privacy it's important to logout of site when using a public computer.