Enrollment Help

Enroll into a course

Course Enrollment: All WWCMT/CCMH staff; please contact your Department Coordinators for your enrollment key.

  • If this is your first course towards your TTFHC Diploma we recommend you start at courses 1 and work through to course 10 then proceed to the Practicum.
  • If you have already taken on-site courses at WCCMT/CCMH and will be continuing online you will need to notify your Department Coordinator to make the necessary arrangements to track your online and on-site records.
  1. In the top navigation Click on the "Courses" link.
  2. Click on the "title of the course" you'd like to enroll into.
  3. Enrollment Key: Enter the Enrollment Key that was provided by your Department Coordinator, click on 'Enrol me'. You'll be sent to the course home page. Your course will show up in the Navigation-block right of your screen under 'My Courses'.